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The evolution of Lakota social and political structure from pre-contact through the present with maps of the Lakota Nation.
Traditional Lakota tales of the creation of the universe, the earth and the emergence of life and mankind within it.
Lakota traditional spiritual beliefs, rites and ceremonies, past and present
Traditional Lakota folk tales in English and Lakota.
A guide to the Lakota alphabet and pronunciation with streaming audio. An introduction to Lakota rules of grammar, verb lists and dictionaries (English & Deutsch).
Song structure of Plains music, historical diffusion of songs, dances and regalia on the Plains. Lakota songs to listen to and download.
Current events, national news clippings.
The full complete text of Treaties and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.
Šung'manitu-tanka, the Great Plains or Buffalo Wolf - The nation of wolves and their unique relationship with the Lakota.

Sorry, these pages are no longer available.

Sorry, after sixteen years, growth from 6 to over 800 pages, visits exceeding 1.1 million people from more than 142 countries including our warriors in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and at sea, the White House preceeding President Clinton's historic visit to Pine Ridge, and NBC News who selected the Lodge as a favorite site in 1999, " The Lodge of Šung'manitu-Išna...A Tribute to the Oglala Lakota People" has been struck down. It was the largest compilation of information of the Oglala Lakota people on the internet from my bookshelves and contributers world-wide. Wopila tanka to all of you for visiting and adding to the site. Unfortunately, someone found offense at something on the site, and, instead of contacting me to resolve the issue, they contacted the host of my site with their complaint and my account was disabled, not only removing this site, but all my sites and sixteen years of email from family and friends. The host,, would not provide any information about the complaint so that I could fix it, nor provide me access to my email. I had been committing eight hours a day to the site and facebook community in my free time. I will not re-erect the Lodge. I am physically disabled and now preparing for retirement. Thank you once again for visiting; I have enjoyed pleasant conversations with many of you. Lila pilamayaye. Tokša ake wancinyankin ktelo.

~ Šung'manitu-Išna


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